Lumber Types & Grades

HEART PINE, or Longleaf Southern Yellow Pine, comes from the “heart” or the tree, thus making it dense, strong, and highly resistant to decay and insect damage.   Generally, it is no longer available for harvesting, therefore most usable lumber must be obtained through the salvage process.

is a subspecies of Heart Pine. At one time, Dade County Pine grew between the Everglades and the Atlantic in South Florida.   Dade County Pine closely resembles Heart Pine in appearance and equals it in strength and durability. The chief difference between the two is that Dade County Pine tends to be even denser. Like its northern relative, original growth Dade County Pine has been almost completely harvested.

Most of our Heart Pine lumber is Select Grade, but we also have premium and quartersawn, along with some rustic, mixed grade.

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OLD GROWTH HEART CYPRESS is a type of wood that is also highly resistant to decay, which makes it especially desirable for exterior applications such as trellises, rafter tails, garage door paneling, window trim, shutters and the like. Our old growth material is milled from felled trees retrieved from rivers and swamps throughout the Southeast.

Our Old Growth Heart Cypress lumber is available in solid or "pecky." Some cypress has a “black” or “colored” appearance, which is somewhat rare, yet extremely handsome. The "peck", or textured appearance in pecky cypress, varies from light to heavy.
It occurs as a result of the wood being attacked by a natural fungus and is not due to insects or worms. Once the tree is harvested, the pecking cannot continue.

Tell us your preference and we will do our best to select as per your specifications.

This historic building in Fort Lauderdale called "The Stranahan House" was built almost entirely out of Dade County Pine.

Old Growth Heart Cypress- clear and "pecky"- is perfect for outdoor uses such as this trellis (left) or an entry gate (right).